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Undoing White Supremacy in Kink Community

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UWSinKC has been initiated with an understanding that the work of dismantling white supremacy systemically, culturally and within ourselves happens best in community, working where we are with what we’ve got. We are creating Unlearning Circles for kinky folks to develop a sense of common purpose in exploring our roles and responsibilities in undoing racism and a place where we might identify particular and specific tools and cultural practices we already have which can be leveraged in this work. We want to contribute to the lineages of anti-racism within our communities and to build and uplift anti-racist culture.

UWSinKC unlearning circles are modeled after Unlearning White Supremacy Austin (UWSA) and we acknowledge this lineage with gratitude.   We are grateful for the mentorship and support UWSA has given us. We’re also thankful for BIPOC leadership in the BDSM, Kink and Leather Communities we’ve begun creating relationships of accountability with, in a commitment to develop integrity for this project.

These unlearning circles are intended to be a place for predominantly white people to learn in community about white supremacy, racism and colonialism and critically examine how we participate and benefit from it. We aim to develop our understandings of the conditions and cultures that uphold racial oppression and increase our tolerance for the work of repairing race-based harm.  We are responding to the current and historic call from BIPOC leadership for white people to do the work of eliminating racism without burdening BIPOC with the labor of educating and supporting us. Our intention is that this work will support the cultural shift in the Leather, Kink and BDSM communities away from practices that perpetuate racism and white supremacy. There will be no quick fixes and no white saviors. There will likely be displays of defensiveness and denial but with on-going practice, we can dismantle colonial values and practices.

UWSinKC Unlearning Circle
February 28, 2022
(Last Monday each month)
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm PT on Zoom

Accessibility: Closed Captioning will be provided. Please email any additional access needs to