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A Weekend of Dirty Pleasures For Kinky Queers

May 27-30, 2022                                           Mountain Moon Ranch, Placerville, CA


Raunch at the Ranch 2022 is thrilled to provide a scintillating mix of down home entertainment.

human hog tie 5.jpg

County Fair-style kinky ranch games like dildo and spoon races, barrel racing, bobbing for “apples” and hog tying will keep the
cowpokes hott enough they’ll be chomping at the bit to be tossed in the pool. 

The fireside Saucy Spoken Word is going to melt more than the marshmallows!  Pull up your camp chair, but not too close or you might overheat. 

Our most arousing offering is when we all step up to shine our light in the “Know Talent” show!! This is where we entertain and enjoy each other! Show us what you’ve got, or wish you had – or do something completely off the wall. Clowning, singing, soda bottle jug bands, reading your teenage poetry, getting the gang together to do showtunes, bring us drag, impersonations, live art or stand-up comedy.  Last minute improvisations encouraged. You get the idea. We’ll take almost anything, utterly enjoy everything, whistle and cheer loudly when you’re done, tell you you're amazing and give you a prize. Watch out, people will want to make out with you once they Know your Talent!

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