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A Weekend of Dirty Pleasures For Kinky Queers

May 27-30, 2022                                           Mountain Moon Ranch, Placerville, CA


We offer classes taught by leading presenters in our community as well as skills share opportunities where we teach each other in community.   We'll also have an open community skill share, so bring your knowledge, gear or favorite party trick that you would like to show and tell to others!

JoshInTheBox & Bri Burning

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JoshInTheBox (they/them) and Bri Burning (she/they) are two leather people who began building their authority exchange dynamic in 2015 after a community service potluck at their local dungeon. Both Josh and Bri started their individual leather and kink journeys in 2010 in the San Francisco Bay Area where they have volunteered, hosted events, and presented a spectrum of classes. Bri serves Josh and is owned by Them in all aspects but one of their dynamics where Bri is Josh’s Ma’am. These two love getting nerdy about dynamics, neurodivergent perspectives, and gender and sexuality spectrums. From titleholding and handling to behind the scenes, you’ll find them connecting and seeking to grow within many parts of our community.

Bri Burning (she/her and they/them) is your International Person of Leather 2020-2021 and Northwest Person of Leather 2019! Bri Burning is a genderqueer femme, proud Indigenous Mexican, leather little, s-type, Ma’am to one, and babygirl identified person. They have been active in the SF/Bay Area BDSM and Leather community since 2010 and started their journey as a presenter in 2015 at the SF Citadel and Dark Odyssey Surrender. She is the moderator of the SF Submissive Safe Space, a leader of the Submissive Girls Night Out group, and a member of the SF girls of Leather. Her passion in kink education continuously grows in topics such as self-care, power exchange, age play, and service—which she spreads like glitter!

Service: Giving & Receiving
You must pour into yourself before you can give to others. Service is a soul searching task from both sides of the slash. In this class we will discuss service from many perspectives, how to accept service, and how to communicate what all parties involved need. There will be fiery stories displaying many types of service. Come and see what service can do for you.

You're A Filthy Little Aren't You? Dark Age Play 101
Being a little, middle, or Big has many paths just like any other part of our identity. Sometimes your little self might want to be ravaged, used, fucked, and bruised. Your Big self might want to give stickers to your little one after they've taken the biggest butt plug for you. Maybe your middle side likes to punish your Big for being bossy. In this class we're going to go over taboo, acceptance, negotiation, safety, and how to incorporate dark age play into your scenes/dynamics.



Q is a self-identified queer, gender-independent, polyamorous leather boi, pleasure professional, and professional pervert. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. He can often be found with a charming smile on his face or looking mischievous with the other bois.

A social justice activist for more than 20 years, Q consistently strives to bring together the various communities to which he belongs. He continues to seek avenues to actively serve as a bridge for the leather community’s kinky newcomers and its more established members, as well as those outside of the community, whenever possible.

Fisting 101/Front Hole Fisting 101
Fisting is an incredible and intense way to play and connect. But how do you go from one finger to a whole hand inside someone’s body? I’ll share my four basic rules for getting started fisting, demonstrate techniques, and talk about some of the myths around fisting. Come with an open mind and your questions.

Queer Porn/Ethical Porn
Are you queer and looking for porn that’s really hot?! Does your porn need to be ethical to get you off? Let’s spend some time talking about the evolution of queer porn, its dovetail with ethical porn, and sources for some of the hottest, queerest, most ethical porn out there!


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